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Flat Roof in Hannibal, MO 

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flat roof in Hannibal Mo

Ply Roofing With Hot Tar

The built-up roof composes of several layers of roofing material as a waterproofing membrane and a weathering surface.

A single layer of EPDM roof or TPO roof is roughly 49-90 mils thick. Single-layer of felt is 24-32 mils thick. In the industry, it is standard practice to apply a roof base and 2-4 plys of roofing when establishing an entirely new roofing system or a roof replacement.

The 40 mils thick roofing base also enhances strength, moisture resistance, and asphalt uniformity. When used in conjunction with nailable, non-nailable, and insulating substrates. It also serves as a venting base sheet over plastic foam type insulation when a spot or sprinkle mopped.

A single-ply roof of TPO or EPDM has the protection of 49-90 mils. While a hot tar roof has 88-168 mils of protection, in addition to the protection of asphalt.

Built-Up Roofing or BUR

BURs are among the oldest and most common types of roofing Hannibal.
BUR’s have withstood repairs or replacement for 50-60 years and some roofs have lasted more than 100 years! In these systems, multiple layers of fiberglass mats (often referred to as felt) embed in between additional layers of asphalt underlaid with additional layers of asphalt in between.
Because of this, the BUR system performs well in extreme wind, cold, heat, and snow.
A proven track record of more than 100 years sets them apart from other types of flat roofing systems.

Modified Torch Down Rubber Roofing

“Torch-down” or modified bitumen roofing gets its name from the installation process of torching the sheets to the roofing base sheet.
Highly recommended for flat roofing in Hannibal Mo which is inaccessible to a hot tar kettle during the installation process and/or needs other equipment that may interfere with the operations of your property. If you desire, a brand new hot tar roof can be combined with a torch-down roof In addition to amazing warranties on both materials and labor, you get the best of both worlds with this option.

There are many reasons to install a torch down rubber roof for those who are interested. Modified bitumen rubber is combined with resins of high quality.
Due to this, the material becomes durable against damage from UV rays. During the summer, it will not heat up and melt. When they install vulcanized to the roof substrate properly, it’s watertight.
We don’t need big expensive equipment for the repairs to torch down roofing. This makes it very cost-effective compared to loose-laid systems. Various types of modified bitumen are available for installation. You may choose either a smooth rubber or a rubber with granules, which come in several colors (white, black, brown, etc…).
Once the roofing system is in place, you may also choose from a variety of options. There are a variety of energy star-rated coating materials that will reflect the sun’s UV rays and extend the warranty on the materials and labor.

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